A little bit ABOUT ME

Assaad Mohanna, Founder and President

Assaad Mohanna is the Founder and President of the non-profit Amel Association in Houston since 2016 and a lifelong member of the Amel Association International family, created by his father Dr. Kamel Mohanna in Beirut in year 1979.

Throughout his volunteering career, Assaad was part of large scale medical relief programs, emergency rescuing efforts, fund raising campaigns, and several social entrepreneurship initiatives. Assaad aspires to an equal opportunity world, where everyone has the access to basic rights of shelter, health and education, irrespective of their background or economic means. In his full time, Assaad is a senior executive at of one of Houston’s leading energy companies and an active member in industry organizations. He is a licensed professional engineer, a trained leadership coach and an MBA graduate from Rice University. He lives with his wife Nansi and two kids Kamel and Sienna in Sugarland.